Chris Godwin provides no specific timetable for his return

New York Giants v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Buccaneers receiver Chris Godwin suffered a torn ACL in Week 15 of the 2021 season, and he had surgery in early January. On Monday, when Godwin’s three-year deal with the team was announced, Godwin understandably was asked about his rehab.

“I’m doing really well in my recovery,” Godwin told reporters. “I’m very pleased with this process so far. Obviously, it’s a long one. So [I] can’t really project too far into the future. I just try to take it day-by-day, just like I have with my entire career. But I like where I’m at right now. I’m feeling confident about this season, I’m excited that we’re getting a lot of the guys back. It’s a long road here, and I’m ready to be a part of the whole thing.”

In dealing with his injury, Godwin compared notes with quarterback Tom Brady, who suffered a torn ACL in Week One of the 2008 season.

“We talked a little bit, but we play a different position and everybody’s recovery is different,” Godwin said. “We’re all different people, we all respond differently. I think the best advice that I’ve gotten, from him and other people, is just attack it like you attack anything else and that’s what I’m going to do. I don’t know any other way. I’m just thrilled to be back, thrilled to be healing. You kind of take for granted sometimes some of the little stuff — the walking, riding bikes, and doing athletic movements. Now, I get to re-find that joy in those things.”

Eventually, he’ll re-find the joy in the big things, like playing football once against for the Buccaneers.

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