‘Grabbed My Son and Ran:’ Fashion Outlets Shooting Sends Shoppers Scrambling – NBC Chicago

A typical evening at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago turned into chaos Friday as shots erupted, causing shoppers to panic and run from the building in fear for their safety.

Three people were injured in what police referred to as an isolated shooting at the suburban Rosemont shopping mall, prompting a massive emergency response that included heavily-armed officers and scores of law enforcement vehicles.

One shopper, Stringer Harris, said he was near the Prada store, talking on the phone, when he suddenly heard gunfire. Moments later, people began to run and sirens went off.

“Once this happened, I kind of scanned the room, the mall or whatever kind of to see what exactly was going on who was shot if anybody was shot,” he said. “People was dropping things, just running.”

Another shopper, Shaheen Ali, was shopping with her son and husband at the time. Just prior to shots being fired, her husband went to the restroom while she and her son entered a store.

Moments later, she saw her husband in a panic.

“All I see is him running and just shouting run there’s a shooting and there’s like a bunch of people 50 plus people running behind him,” Ali said. “I just grabbed my son and ran.”

Following the shooting, a reunification site was set up at the Murray Bros. Caddyshack Restaurant, 9546 Balmoral Ave., for anyone separated from family members. Those looking to reunite with loved ones should head there, police said.


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