Indonesia principal sentenced to death for raping 13 girls, students

BANDUNG, Indonesia — An Indonesian high court granted an appeal from prosecutors and sentenced an Islamic boarding school principal to death for raping at least 13 students over five years and impregnating some of them.

Herry Wirawan had been convicted by a three-judge panel at Bandung District Court in February and sentenced to life in prison. He had been accused of raping girls between 11 and 14 years old from 2016 to 2021 at the school, hotels or rented apartments in the West Java city. At least nine babies reportedly were born as a result of the rapes.

His case drew a public outcry as there were several victims over several years. Police said the victims were too fearful to tell anyone.

The Bandung High Court judges in their ruling Monday agreed with prosecutors’ appeal for the death penalty and for Wirawan’s assets to be seized.

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