Shiba Inu Hype Is Over, Bitgert Is Taking Over It

by Analytics Insight
March 26, 2022

This Shiba Inu hype is dying fast, and it looks like Bitgert (BRISE) is taking over.

Anyone who invested in Shiba Inu in late October 2021 is today counting losses. The coin has been plummeting from early November and has been going down at a fast rate. But what is worrying many crypto investors is that the Shiba Inu has continued to drop, and its hype has been dying fast.

This Shiba Inu hype is dying fast, and it looks like Bitgert (BRISE) is taking over. This is evident from the exponential growth that Bitgert has posted over the past few weeks, a time when Shiba Inu has been plummeting. Here is more about Bitgert taking over the Shiba Inu hype:


The Bitgert hype is taking over the market, and that’s why the cryptocurrency has been doing so well in the market. In the past few weeks, the $BRISE price has been skyrocketing. The Bitgert marketcap has also been growing fast over the past few weeks. The Bitgert hype started growing fast immediately after launching the Brise BRC20 blockchain.

Bitgert blockchain is the first gasless chain and has also become the fastest chain in the industry. The blockchain is processing 100,000 transactions per second, which makes it the fastest chain today. The Bitgert chain gas fee is $0.0000000000001, which is the lowest the industry has ever seen.

These are the reasons why the Bitgert hype is growing very fast. The powerful BRC20 blockchain will continue to make Brise the most sought-after blockchain. The Bitgert team is also launching more projects on the chain, which is attracting even Shiba Inu investors.


Centcex is one of the new projects making big gains in the crypto market today. Centcex has been one of the fastest-growing coins, having overtaken Bitgert price growth rate over the past few weeks. In addition, the Centcex market has also been skyrocketing. The major reason why the crypto community is buying Centcex is the huge number of products this project is building.

From the information released by the Centcex team, they are building the largest crypto ecosystem in the market. The team plans to have an unlimited number of crypto apps on this ecosystem, which has attracted a lot of investors. Therefore, Centcex utility might be the biggest in the industry and will rival even the likes of Bitgert and many large crypto projects.

shiba inus

The Shiba Inu project is being outperformed by so many crypto projects, not just Bitgert. This is evident from its dropping of positions in the top 15 cryptocurrencies. The coin has been dropping and is currently struggling to keep the number #15. If the marketcap keeps falling and the Polygon project keeps gaining, Shiba Inu might soon drop to #16.

The lack of utility has been the biggest challenge for the Shiba project. Though the team has been working on building products for this project, the delivery is very slow compared to Bitgert and other projects. That’s why crypto investors have been growing impatient, and some have been leaving the project. This has resulted in the dropping of the Shiba Inu marketcap as more investors leave to join the likes of the Bitgert project.

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