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Cloud-based Solutions

Our approach focuses on solving unique challenges by
  • Delivering high-performance solutions
  • Designing business workflows meaningful to your company
  • Injecting the right AI & optimization algorithms at the right points
  • Wrapping it with a UI interface that users can efficiently work with
  • Thoroughly managing the solutions with dedicated teams

Why Choose Us

Our extensive experience in the industry and varied skill set has helped us create optimal solutions for various clients. We have created systems that help in adjusting fulfillment and distribution patterns while optimizing supply networks in response to variables such as fluctuating consumer demand and pricing. In the digital world, when consumers interact with brands online, in stores, and on mobile devices, the flexibility of these tools allows for quick adjustments. It is a crucial aspect of the business that can reduce output cost and time while delivering a positive customer experience. 

  • Our approach helps you prototype faster and test critical functionality and dependencies much earlier
  • It allows a true crawl walk run approach and adds features dictated by your readiness.
  • All solutions come with monitoring dashboards, alerts for both user and system activity to ensure accountability and performance.


Supply Chain Analytics

With the help of analytics, we can help you make data-driven decisions. Providing you with supply chain solutions based on a summary of relevant and trusted data, we make the process seamless and quick. 

Our Supply Chain Analytics platform helps you gain insight and extract value from the massive amounts of data associated with the procurement, processing and distribution of goods. Supply chain analytics is an essential element of supply chain management (SCM) that helps make sense of all this data by uncovering patterns and generating insights.


Forecasting & Demand Planning

Cloud solution forecasting in the supply chain has several benefits. From improving supplier relations and purchasing terms to better capacity utilization and resource allocation, forecasting can help you mitigate unnecessary expenses. It holds the key to enhanced sustainability and higher customer service levels.

HCLogix relies on pragmatic AI and computational power to automate demand forecasting for your business. Our solutions help you in turning your data into accurate, automated, actionable business decisions.


Distribution Planning

HCLogix works with you to create cloud solutions for distribution planning. These solutions can help you plan across your distribution channels. Our cloud-based solutions are efficient and prompt, from generating total requirements for manufacturing, mother warehouses, and child warehouses to optimizing inventory.

A sound distribution management system will help you minimize shortages and reduce transportation and warehousing costs with analytics-driven data. Our team will work with you to automate processes that can respond to unplanned demand or supply constraints by efficiently executing orders against alternate suppliers or locations.


Supply Chain Collaboration

HCLogix offers you cloud-based solutions that help you collaborate across various channels in the supply chain. The multiple channels of collaboration include your factories, suppliers, warehouses, retailers and customers.

To establish an effective collaboration with supply chain partners, you must create a channel to share valuable information in real-time. Thus, supply chain collaboration helps you create an almost transparent communication network that helps get the right product to the right customer in the right market at the right time.


Logistics Route Optimization

Logistics play a crucial role in the convergence of supply chain execution. HCLogix helps create a digitally-enabled ecosystem where you can connect different resources of the supply chain. 
Logistics Route Optimization (LRO) is the process of finding the most cost-effective route, given a set of specific business parameters. 

We offer you a solution that can quickly test various ‘what-if’ scenarios and consider business constraints such as vehicle availability, traffic congestion, suitable rider, etc., to provide the best possible route. We use AI-based technology to solve the logistics problem. The solution provides optimal routes for businesses by taking into account historical data and real-life road constraints.


Supply Chain Network Optimization

If you are keen on finding a smart solution for an optimal combination of factories and distribution centers in the supply chain, HCLogix can help. We give you Supply Chain Network Optimization. 

The solution works by matching supply and demand and helps you by finding a network configuration with the lowest costs. Based on the optimization results, you can compare potential network designs and evaluate the maximum profitability of each of them.