How to know if you have long Covid — and what to do about it

Over the last two years, new Covid cases and deaths have risen and fallen alongside surges of variants and subvariants. One constant, experts say: a continual increase in long Covid cases. The term “long Covid” refers to the wide range of new, ongoing or returning health conditions that can affect people weeks or months after … Read more

COVID-19 data update: Texas Medical Center announced they provided their final update

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — After two years, the Texas Medical Center announced they provided their final COVID-19 data update on the dashboard on Monday. “With advancements in treatment and the successes in vaccination, we are now able to effectively manage with the virus in our community. On Monday, May 9, TMC will publish a final … Read more

As COVID-19 cases rise in NH, testing key to controlling spread

COVID-19 cases are on the rise in New Hampshire, but some residents say they’re still confused by guidelines for testing. New Hampshire is averaging more than 500 reported new cases each day, the most since Valentine’s Day. But the number of hospital patients with COVID-19 is lower than it was at the end of last … Read more

The Common Places BA.2 And Other Omicron Subvariants Are Spreading

Earlier in the pandemic, contact tracing data showed us where COVID-19 was efficiently spreading. Unfortunately, because our contact tracing efforts have slowed down, we don’t have as clear of a picture regarding where people are mostly likely to contract omicron and its subvariants. What we do know is that, while the virus has evolved to … Read more

Chicago moves to medium risk level for COVID-19; masks recommended indoors again

CHICAGO (CBS) — As COVID-19 cases continue to slowly rise in Chicago, city health officials say the city is now at “medium risk” level, and they recommend people resume wearing masks indoors again. The Chicago Department of Public Health also said Chicagoans should make sure they are up to date with their COVID-19 vaccinations and … Read more

COVID cases spiking in California, reaching February levels

Coronavirus infections have continued a steady climb in California since early April, and while the curve of new cases remains less steep than winter’s omicron variant surge, the rising spread of two contagious subvariants is still prompting concern about a fresh wave of virus cases. The California Department of Public Health on Friday reported the … Read more

LA COVID Hospitalizations Rise, Prompting Mother’s Day Warning – NBC Los Angeles

The number of COVID-positive patients in Los Angeles County hospitals has risen by 19 people to 258, according to the latest state data out Saturday. The number of those patients being treated in intensive care was 33, down from 36 on Friday. Those numbers come one day after local health officials reported more than 3,200 … Read more

COVID rates Chicago: CDC, health experts urge caution for Mother’s Day weekend gatherings as cases rise

CHICAGO (WLS) — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said Chicago now falls in the medium transmission risk level just ahead of Mother’s Day, warning experts of another possible surge. That’s why officials are urging people to mask up and avoid gatherings altogether if they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. Doctors also said … Read more

Manhattan Transmission Fuels NYC Case Increases – NBC New York

New York City’s COVID transmission rate is up 32% in the last 10 days, as the city and state come to grips with what looks like the start of a fifth wave of the years-long pandemic. At 232.5 cases per 100,000 people over the last seven days, the citywide transmission rate is back to highs … Read more

Scientists reveal how COVID-19 impacts the immune system’s ability to recognize other coronaviruses

Getting sick with a common cold doesn’t make you immune to COVID-19, but a COVID-19 infection might, at least temporarily, boost the number of antibodies you have against common cold-causing coronaviruses and the SARS-CoV-1 and MERS-CoV viruses, all of which are closely related. Scientists at Scripps Research have now characterized coronavirus antibodies isolated from 11 … Read more