Annoying Cat Parasite Has Again Been Linked to Psychotic Episodes, But Only in Men

A ubiquitous parasite estimated to infect millions of people around the world has been linked with schizophrenia and a host of neurological disorders, but the evidence hasn’t always been clear. While there are a number of studies linking the ‘mind-altering’ parasite Toxoplasma gondii with altered behavior or weird patterns in human activity, there are also … Read more

Childhood Trauma Heightens Risk of Multiple Sclerosis, Massive Study Finds

The impact of childhood trauma can last a lifetime, and leave people feeling like shadows of their former selves. Victims of abuse also face unimaginable pain and very real health consequences, none of which is their fault. Now, a study of nearly 78,000 Norwegian women has found that childhood experiences, specifically exposure to childhood emotional, … Read more