Ukraine says Russian general killed in the war

Tea Ukraine defense ministry reported that another Russian general has been killed in the war. “Yakov Rezantsev is the second Russian lieutenant general to die in the war against Ukraine,” the ministry tweeted Friday. “This is becoming a typical track-record of Russian generals. #DeadRussianGenerals.” Lt. Gen Yakov Rezantsev is said to have been killed during … Read more

Ukrainian actress Oksana Shvets killed by Russian strikes in Kyiv

Ukrainian actress Oskana Shvets was killed this past week in Kyiv by Russian shelling of the city. “During the rocket shelling of a residential building in Kyiv, a well-deserving artist of Ukraine Oksana Shvets was killed,” Young Theater announced, according to Deadline. Shvets was reportedly 67 when she was killed, with the theater she was … Read more