Brisk Walking Is Able to Slow Down The Biological Aging Process

Scientists have reported a possible link between brisk walking and biological age, as measured by leucocyte telomere length (LTL) – one of the biomarkers that scientists think we can use to assess the rate at which the human body gets older. This ‘biological age’ essentially means how worn out the body’s cells are getting. A … Read more

Annoying Cat Parasite Has Again Been Linked to Psychotic Episodes, But Only in Men

A ubiquitous parasite estimated to infect millions of people around the world has been linked with schizophrenia and a host of neurological disorders, but the evidence hasn’t always been clear. While there are a number of studies linking the ‘mind-altering’ parasite Toxoplasma gondii with altered behavior or weird patterns in human activity, there are also … Read more

Large-Scale Study Reveals Strange Link Between Antibiotics And Cognitive Decline

A study involving a total of 14,542 women has found an as-yet-unexplained link between taking antibiotics for at least two months in midlife, and a dip in cognitive score assessments taken several years later. The team behind the research, led by epidemiologists from Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts, says it shows how important it is … Read more