Experimental Drug Breaks Record For Weight Loss in Latest Clinical Trial Results

An experimental drug being clinically investigated for its effects on body weight in obese and overweight people has delivered record-breaking weight loss for participants in the trial – on par with surgical options, the company behind the drug suggests. Tirzepatide, developed by American pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Company (Lilly), is a once-weekly injection that … Read more

New Study Reveals The Reason Teens Seem to Tune Out Their Mom’s Voice

“Are you even listening to me?” It’s a question that discouraged parents often throw at their distracted teenagers, and the truthful answer is probably, “No.” It’s hard to really blame them. New research on adolescent brains suggests the reaction we have to certain voices naturally shifts with time, making our mother’s voice feel less valuable. … Read more

Effects of Aging Have Been Reversed by Putting Young Mouse Poop in Old Mice

It sounds like something that might have come out of a sci-fi novel, but it’s based on cold, hard, printed research: transplanting fecal microbes from young mice into old mice seems to reverse key signs of aging in the guts, eyes, and brains of the older animals. Further experiments showed that it works the other … Read more

Scientists Have Pinpointed The Brain Cells That Die in Parkinson’s Disease

Scientists have identified the specific brain cells that die in Parkinson’s disease and discovered what makes them so vulnerable. Led by neurobiologists Tushar Kamath and Abdulraouf Abdulraouf of the Broad Institute, the team studied brain cells from individuals who had died from either Parkinson’s disease or dementia, compared with people unaffected by either disorder. What … Read more

Lab-Grown Brain Experiment Reverses The Effects of Autism-Linked Gene

Scientists have uncovered changes in neurological structure that could underlie the autism spectrum disorder known as Pitt Hopkins syndrome, thanks to the help of lab-grown brains developed from human cells. Furthermore, the researchers were able to recover lost genetic functions through the use of two different gene therapy strategies – hinting at the possibility of … Read more

Cognitive Impact of Severe COVID Is Equivalent to 20 Years of Aging, Study Finds

We all know that COVID-19 can lead to lingering fatigue and brain fog. But one of the most rigorous examinations to date of the long-term cognitive impacts of severe infection has just yielded some pretty unsettling results. In a study comparing 46 severe COVID-19 patients with 460 matched controls, researchers found the mental impacts of … Read more

Huge Study Identifies The ‘Optimal’ Amount of Sleep From Middle Age Onwards

Sleep – a lot like eating food – is one of those things we need to live, but apparently there are plenty of ways to do it wrong. A new study has weighed into the debate. Looking at UK Biobank data from almost 500,000 adults, researchers conclude that seven hours of sleep per night is … Read more

How Often Should You Feed Your Dog? Giant Study Reveals a Surprising Answer

Every dog ​​is different, and depending on things like their breed, size, age, and health, their particular dietary requirements may also be different, including what you should feed them, and how much. But what about how often? A new study that assessed over 10,000 dogs offers some starting insights into the apparent links between feeding … Read more

Newly Identified Lupus-Causing Gene Provides a Potential Target For Better Treatments

Gabriela experienced the painful joint inflammation and draining fatigue that was her own immune system turning against her at an early age. Presenting with scarily high blood pressure and a leaky heart valve, the young Spanish patient was diagnosed with a severe case of lupus when she was only seven years old. Now Gabriela’s genome … Read more

Researchers Have Identified The Diet to Follow if You Want to Live as Long as Possible

Depending on the genes you were dealt, your body could be destined for a long, healthy future that stretches on for decades to come. Of course, your fate isn’t etched in stone. The diet you eat – and the way you eat it – could determine just how many of those prescribed days will be … Read more