Experimental Drug Breaks Record For Weight Loss in Latest Clinical Trial Results

An experimental drug being clinically investigated for its effects on body weight in obese and overweight people has delivered record-breaking weight loss for participants in the trial – on par with surgical options, the company behind the drug suggests. Tirzepatide, developed by American pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Company (Lilly), is a once-weekly injection that … Read more

Huge Study Identifies The ‘Optimal’ Amount of Sleep From Middle Age Onwards

Sleep – a lot like eating food – is one of those things we need to live, but apparently there are plenty of ways to do it wrong. A new study has weighed into the debate. Looking at UK Biobank data from almost 500,000 adults, researchers conclude that seven hours of sleep per night is … Read more

How Often Should You Feed Your Dog? Giant Study Reveals a Surprising Answer

Every dog ​​is different, and depending on things like their breed, size, age, and health, their particular dietary requirements may also be different, including what you should feed them, and how much. But what about how often? A new study that assessed over 10,000 dogs offers some starting insights into the apparent links between feeding … Read more

Many Dietary Supplements Are Tainted With Hidden Pharmaceuticals, Study Finds

Many over-the-counter dietary supplement products – particularly those used for sexual enhancement and weight loss – are tainted with undisclosed pharmaceutical ingredients. That is the key finding of my recently published review in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. My assessment of the Food and Drug Administration’s Health Fraud Product Database turned up 1,068 unique dietary … Read more

Study: Just 29 Percent of COVID Hospitalizations Fully Well in 1 Year

Just 29% of those hospitalized in Great Britain for COVID-19 have been reported to be fully recovered after one year, according to a new study. The findings flash a warning long COVID is going to be a common condition, Channel News Asia (CNA) reported Sunday. The study also found long COVID to be more prevalent … Read more

One Grim Statistic Lays Bare The Truly Relentless Grip of Long COVID

Not even one in four people have completely recovered from COVID a full year after being hospitalized with the disease, a UK study indicated Sunday, warning that long COVID could become a common condition. The study involving more than 2,300 people also found that women were 33 percent less likely to fully recover than men. … Read more

Not All Kinds of Alcohol Are Equally Bad For Body Fat, Study Suggests

Drinking beer and spirits is linked to elevated levels of visceral fat – the harmful type of fat that is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and other health complications – whereas drinking wine shows no such association with levels of this harmful fat and may even be protective against it, … Read more

Scientists Have Eradicated Liver Cancer in Rats Using Non-Invasive Sound Waves

Rats afflicted with liver cancer have demonstrated the efficacy of a fascinating, non-invasive treatment. Using focused ultrasound, scientists have managed to destroy up to 75 percent of the volume of a liver tumor. The treatment also seems to trigger the rats’ immune systems into taking over and clearing the rest. In 80 percent of the … Read more

Do You Need a 4th COVID Vaccine Dose? An Epidemiologist Has The Evidence

In late March 2022, the US Food and Drug Administration authorized a second booster shot of COVID-19 vaccines for vulnerable populations in the US, a move that was soon after endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. People ages 50 years and older and certain immunocompromised individuals who are at higher risk for … Read more

A New Therapy Attacking a Common Virus Shows Huge Promise For Multiple Sclerosis

A treatment designed to attack a common virus that hides in our bodies could ease the decline caused by multiple sclerosis (MS), according to new trial results. Excitingly, it may even reverse some of the symptoms. A phase 1 clinical trial by the California-based immunotherapy company Atara Biotherapeutics confirms latent Epstein-Barr (EBV) infections are viable … Read more