Yankees Acquiring Donaldson? Trading Sanchez? Nats Land Cruz? (UPDATES)

I’m befuddled right now. The theoretically rebuilding Washington Nationals reportedly just pulled off the biggest win-now move on the market … OPE WAIT, AS I’M TYPING THIS ALL JUST GOT CRAZIER.

OK, peep all this:

So you’ve got the Nationals picking up Nelson Cruz on a two-year deal, the Yankees getting Josh Donaldson and Isiah Kiner-Falefa from the Twins (who just got him from the Rangers), and the Twins getting Gary Sanchez and Gio Urshela . My head is spinning.

Are the Nats about to make a huge push or something? Are the Yankees now satisfied with the left side of their infield with these two guys (and Gleyber Torres at second)? Are the Twins … what ARE the Twins doing?

Now what happens with the teams that wanted Cruz, like the Padres and Dodgers? Are the Padres confident they’re getting Seiya Suzuki as their big bat, so they moved on and Cruz pivoted? Does that mean prospect-buying trades are off the table, or are they as important as ever? And does this mean the Dodgers think they maybe really are getting Freddie Freeman? Does this open up the floodgates on the other bat-only guys? I’M STARTING TO LOSE IT.

This is madness. I’ll have to think.

UPDATE: In the meantime, the reporting out of New York suggests, yes, this takes them out of the shortstop market (to the extent they were ever really in it):

UPDATE 2: Indeed, other folks are wondering what the Twins are doing. But they moved a lot of money out:

UPDATE 3: On Cruz, it really is happening with the Nationals, though Rosenthal says it’s one year, and Heyman clarifies that the second year is a mutual option:

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